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Vibrations in the steering wheel are often caused by an out-of-balance wheel or tire that’s lost air pressure. If the steering wheel vibrates or develops a strong pull, assume you have a flat tire. Don’t slam on the brakes. Grip the steering wheel firmly with both hands. Gradually ease off the accelerator and steer to a safe stopping place.

If the tires are properly inflated and you feel a vibration or pull in the steering, it’s likely a wheel is out of balance or the suspension system is out of alignment. Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle.

Flat Tires

Make sure your vehicle has a jack, tire wrench, spare tire, or tire inflator kit. If you can’t locate the spare or don’t know how to place the jack, consult your owner’s manual. It outlines the recommended procedures.

Changing tires on the roadside can be dangerous. You risk being hit by traffic, having your tire jack slip, and other safety concerns. It often makes sense to call a professional for help.