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Steps to Take After a Collision

1. Calm down and assess the situation

Look at the big picture. Evaluate the scene and prioritize your response. If someone is injured, immediately call 9-1-1 for medical attention.

2. Know when to move your vehicle

If no one is injured, don’t wait for police before moving your vehicle. If you can drive the vehicle, the law requires you to move it out of the traffic flow.

3. Exchange information

If vehicles are damaged, exchange information. Don’t leave the scene until the following information has been exchanged:

4. Contact your insurance company

Report the incident to your insurance company ASAP. They can assist you with the best way to proceed.

If you hit an unattended vehicle

Find the driver or write your name and address on a note explaining what happened. If the vehicle you’re driving doesn’t belong to you, include the owner’s name and address.

When to call the police

Texas law requires you to call the police when:

When to file a crash report

According to Texas law, if you are involved in a collision and it is not investigated by law enforcement, you must file a crash report within 10 days when: