Drive Clean Texas

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Steps to Take In a Breakdown

1. Get out of traffic

Get out of the traffic flow as quickly as possible without causing a collision. If your vehicle is disabled, this can be challenging. Make sure the path is clear and remember to signal.

2. Find a safe place to stop

Try to park in an area with flat terrain away from traffic. If you need to change a tire or perform other repairs, be sure you have room to work safely. Turn on the emergency flashers and set out flares or emergency reflectors.

3. Get help

Remain with your vehicle unless help is nearby. Raising your hood or tying a cloth to a door handle signals you need assistance. If you have a cell phone, call for help. In Texas, you can call 800-525-5555 for non-emergency assistance for the following reasons:

Keep a road-ready vehicle kit

Always carry a road-ready vehicle kit for potential problems and weather-related events: